Photograph Sigel Eschkol

可世木 祐子(ドイツ)

故古川あんず氏に師事しカンパニーDance Butter TOKIO、Verwandlungsamt に参加する。
舞踏をベースにパフォーミングアーツ, 即興の手法を取り入れ詩的、絵画的ダンスを創る。
より実験的、即興的存在のあり方そして音楽との関わりに重点を置き、2004年より即興シリーズ“AMMO-NITE GIG“を企画出演。
障がい者劇団Theater Thikwa (ベルリン)とのコラボレーションはそれまで持っていた踊りの概念を覆し、その後の活動に大きな影響を与える。
様々なコラボレーション:inkBoat(サンフランシスコ)、Tableau Stations (サンフランシスコ)、CAVE (ニューヨーク)、Poema Theatre (Moscow), Theater Thikwa (ベルリン), 他。

Yuko Kaseki (Germany)

Yuko Kaseki is Butoh dancer, performer, improviser, choreographer and teacher, based in Berlin.
She studied by Anzu Furukawa and danced at her company Dance Butter Tokio and Verwandlungsamt.
Moved to Berlin in 1995, founded company cokaseki. Her Solo and ensemble performances, improvisations are performed internationaly. These works are poetic visual performance incorporates spirit of Butoh, performing art including social aspect and improvisaton.
Her emphasis is placed on more experimental, improvised existence in momentum and relationship with sounds, she has organized and performed an improvising series "AMMO - NITE GIG" since 2004.
Collaboration with the Disabled Theater Company Theater Thikwa (Berlin) overturns the concept of her dance and has a great influence on subsequent activities. Her strong interest about breaking border of physical existence leads to projects with mixed ability artists and performers. Numerous international collaboration such as inkBoat (San Francisco), Tableau Stations (San Francisco), CAVE (New York), Poema Theatre (Moscow), Theater Thikwa (Berlin) and others.