Syv Bruzeau(フランス)

日本滞在中に舞踏と出会い、その後ヒマラヤでリゾーム・リー氏に師事しSubbody Butoh methodを学ぶ。

Syv Bruzeau (France)

Born in France.
Syv is a Butoh dancer who draws her inspiration from introspective practices, Nature, pain experience and collaborations with various artists.
She discovered Butoh while living in Japan, and subsequently trained under the guidance of Lee Rhizome and his Subbody Butoh method in the Himalayas.
She also learned from Natsu Nakajima, Yukio Waguri, or Eiko and Koma in New York City and Japan.
For Syv, Butoh is the dance of Life with all its spectrum of shadows and lights, away from judgments, appearances or limitations imposed by the mind.
A creative and liberating process, Butoh is a space of freedom and infinite possibilities and offers a support for reflection and transformation.
More than a dance, Butoh has become a life style in an intimate relationship with her body and her environment.