Photograph Koji Tsujimura


宇宙のリズム =「ぶつかることから始まる」、いのちのリズム =「立ち上がり続ける」等、生命の振起活動の体現、伝播を目的に、それらを儀式的にカタチに起こした、他者や物体、大地等と肉体を衝突させ続ける、MuDA独自の身体衝突術を軸に活動を展開。
近作に、別府現代芸術フェスティバル 2015「混浴温泉世界」での2作品「MuDA AREA.01」「MuDA Darkness man」、2016年大阪公演「MuDA blackchamber」、瀬戸内国際芸術祭 2016・犬島パフォーミングアーツプログラム「MuDA 鉄」、瀬戸内国際芸術祭 2016・高見島プロジェクト「MuDA 海男」など。


Hyper performance group "MuDA" was formed by several solo artists from various genres of art, centered around QUICK (Dancer・Art director) in summer 2010. Building their lives around Kyoto, Japan.
MuDA seeks encouragement activities of life, and in the performance, it is composed with specific movement which always collide with others, objects and the earth.
The movement is based on the rhythm of life, which means that we repeat falling and standing up, and the rhythm of the universe, which means that the universe while collides and spreads.
Under the theme of anima, physics, universe, ritual, and stress, MuDA carries out performances and exhibitions using various art forms such as human, dance, music, video image, technology, visual art, spatial art and object art.